I'm so great and i hope i can put my animations on this...
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 Our story, Josh, come here >_>

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PostSubject: Our story, Josh, come here >_>   Mon Apr 21, 2008 8:34 am

2nd paragraph.

‘Twas the summer, of nineteen ninety... A week ago. I mean it was a pretty big war, I’m surprised no-one remembers it... Now you could probably comprehend this story in two or three chapter’s, but since Candleflame's here and Corleone’s not around to explain, I’ll have to start from the very beginning...

"Now listen, 'Jojo'! just because I tied your first born to a truck, shot him three times in the leg, took him off, tied him to a bike, pushed him down a mountain and pissed on his dead body, doesn't be you have to get all STICKANE, on me!" Mojo-jojo was pissed...!
"What?! My son?! What did you do to my son?! This is about the 50 pence you stole off me, to buy a condom, in in fourth grade! I had big plans for that money!" The monkey cheif was baffled.
"Oh well, er... I killed your son and all that, but we're here for the 50 pence! Besides! Your stinkin' gorilla condom, broke, on the third use! I've been knockin' up girls all over the place!!!"
"You mean..." Mojo-jojo gasped.
"That's right, Mojo! You're pregnant!!"
"But... I thought my son was gone forever! NOT ANOTHER ONE!!! This! Is! SPARTA!! ... I mean war..."
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Our story, Josh, come here >_>
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